Founded by Keegan Smith in 2014, RMVT is a offline/online tribal approach to coach education. RMVT is built on personal performance, accountability and service. REALMVMT help coaches make more money and more impact by practicing and preaching better.

There are many aspect around health, training, coaching, business etc. which is teached inside REALMVMT. You can take a close look at REALMVMT by clicking here and watch the video below:

There are many world leaders inside the community. It is possible to get certified in different courses from lifting to mobility (range of strength) and Knee Ability (Ben Patrick).

I myself have joined and stayed inside the community to learn more and get accountability from the tribe.

If your are trying to improve and be better. REALMVMT is definitely a good place to go. Take a look: REALMVMT

You can also learn more from Keegan’s podcast: https://www.realmvmt.com/keegan-smith-experience-podcast

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