Movement – The Freedom from Within

This is my first English post. Let’s try.

My curiosity is big. I always wanted to know what was over the next hill when I was trekking, what was around the next corner when I was exploring a new city and the same with the body. What is this method of physio, training, therapy etc. and what can I learn from it.

So.. one day I stumbled across Vegetative Training and this is my testimonial about it:

Reading about Vegetative Training on Oliviers blog I got interested. I am very curious about the body, movement, therapy, health, biology etc.

Then I met Olivier at a Fighting Monkey workshop in Copenhagen and asked him about the system/method and he explained. He gave a lot of his time and explained sincerely about the reasoning behind and that just clicked with what I already knew from my background in physiotherapy and movement.

So I started with some sessions via Skype. Via Skype? How would he teach me I wondered a bit. But I wanted to try it, feel it and embody it. About the method you can read more on his blog but some of the things I took away was:

Seeing the freedom in my 18 month daughter. I know we say that kids move a lot. But the variability in their movements is huge. I can see the “same” movements I do when I go through a session, in her while she is eating, playing or relaxing. And the freedom in her body and breath. Wauw. She is shaking her head, lips and stretching without thinking about it. She is not thinking this would be good for me or I need to do this stretch my physio showed my. Her body intuitively knows what it needs. And that is something I got from vegetative training.

After a session I would find myself on the bike shaking my lips (making sounds like brrrh brrrhh). While reading a book I would, without thinking, begin to shake around my hips and pelvic area. While walking my arms are swinging a lot more freely (imagine an African man walking, I always noticed that they have very loose arms).

I’ve learnt to better allow these movements to come out. And when I hold them back, it is now more clear to me. So now I can be aware – and I can choose whether I allow it (and feel the freedom like a child again) or the norm of society wins.

It as a great gift and one that can be enhanced and be with me as long as walk this earth. I like that it is not Olivier who tells my what to do. Yes he instruct, but he also allows and then the movements come from within and with it freedom. It is hard to explain in words. It is something that one must experience in one’s own body.

Old habits, injuries, inactivity, phycological processes and cultural tendencies all influence the way we move and what we express with the body. Through Vegetative Training I found some deep hidden tension no other therapist would have found. Vegetative Training as I see it is a very potent tool to tab in into self healing and self regulation of the body.


Enough about Vegetative Training. There are always two sides of the story. Pros and cons. I will not go more into that for now.

Now as I always do when learning something new is to intergrate it and mix it with what I already know.

Taking what I already knew about movement from studying Physical Therapy and human movement and mixing it with this new information I can create my own place of investigation into my own body. A personal practice to get to know my self better.

Here are some snippets from my investigation into what positions my body can find, how it feels and relates to what I already had been doing to rehabilitate my knee etc.

Vegetative movement – Just a few of the different positions I find myself in during a session.


Finishing with a quote:

“There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophy”. – Nietzsche





If you are curious, get in touch with Olivier and book a session. Benefits:

Deep relaxation and recovery of the body
Healing of old injuries
Endurance improvement through better breathing and lung capacity
Better motorics and coordination through lowered tension
Inner power, mental focus and behavioural flexibility
Release of suppressed aggression and often lower back tension and pain
Rejuvenation of the body, becoming younger again, from the inside-out
Self-regulation extending to organisation of your life
Learn deeply to ‘listen to your body’

Who is it for:
Athletes looking for the edge
Very beneficial for kids age 10 to 15 to ease into puberty
Low energy, loss of enthusiasm for life, burned out
Everyone who feels they have a higher potential

What is this?
First of all “vegetative” refers to the vegetative system or the inner pillars of our adaptive ability: our hormone balance, immune system, and autonomous nervous system. Training means that we train to expand the performance characteristics of the organism from the inside-out without manual intervention of the therapist.

Over the years, inside the body muscular ‘armour’ has been formed: resistance structures or zones where tension is held because of conflicting past experiences. Once they were needed to defend ourselves and stay safe, but often we hold on for too long.

This can be adressed during sessions and released for better movements of the body in all ways.

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