Why does ReaMVMT seem to have a contrarian view to most topics?

These word really resonated with me. They are written by RealMVMT founder and leader Keegan Smith:

Why does ReaMVMT seem to have a contrarian view to most topics?

Because the mainstream view will never give the best results.
Once you have a consensus on something you can be sure that you’re going to be near the middle of the bell-curve.

If you want to be in the middle of the bell-curve then mainstream education will be fine.

If you want to be the best or get above average results then you will have to do things differently from the dominant view and you will be criticised by those sitting with the majority.

Doing things differently also opens the possibility for terrible results. Fortunately in physical performance the feedback is honest and direct. There was improvement or there wasn’t.

This Video Speaks To Good & Excellent.
If you’re with everyone else you can hope for good but you have almost no chance of excellent.

I’d love to hear your take homes on this one.
Where do you usually shoot for.
I’ve certainly accepted “done” over “excellent” often to get started. Our standards are rising. Game on.

I like to know – did these words resonate with you? If so join the community of RealMVMT and become ahead of the game.

Learn more here: www.realmvmt.com

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